About Me

Hi!!!  My name is Patricia Carter, but I prefer Tricia or Tee.   I’m excited to have you along with me on this journey.  I was born and raised in 757.  I fell in love with writing somewhere between the ages of 10 and 13. Writing poetry and short stories to express myself, my love and passion for writing grew and I knew that when I got older, I wanted to share my work with others.   Growing older and gaining more responsibilities, my ability to solely focus on writing became challenging but the desire never left.  

I am the mother of two wonderful children, Makaela and Ja’Corey.  God has truly blessed me with them and all their quirks, charm, and different personalities. They definitely keep me on my toes!!    I am perfectly imperfect,  A work in progress, totally in love with my Heavenly Father and dedicated to following his instruction for my life.  If it wasn’t for God, you wouldn’t be reading any of this.  But since I take my responsibility, dedication, and calling seriously, here I am.  I just want to use my testimony to reach the masses who are lost, to help them find their way to the one who can save them, heal them, deliver, and protect them.  I want to help others find God so that they can fall in love with him like I did. To help them increase their faith, to offer hope, a push.  To be the light in dark places…The thing that makes me excited the most about writing this time around is that even though I appear to be the author, I’m not.  God is.  He’s already written my story.  Out of respect, love, and obedience to him, I’m just sharing it with you for reasons bigger than myself.   I truly consider it an honor that God trust me with a job such as this, and none of what I share is for my praise. It is however, for God’s glory.  So, welcome to my blog. My heart transparent.