Finding the Courage to Continue

Finding– The action of finding someone or something (to detect, to discover, to uncover, or unearth).

Courage-The ability to do something that frightens one; strength in the face of pain, or grief.

Continue-To persist in an activity or process; to recommence or resume after an interruption.

Life is undoubtedly difficult.  It’s full of constant challenges that test us in so many ways.  I’ll bravely state that a life dedicated and fully committed to following Christ is more difficult than any other.  Why? Because of true followers of Christ we are obligated to live by and apply God’s commands in every area of our lives’, and we are held accountable. By who?  God Himself.

I have faced some extremely painful situations in my life. Many that I believed with all of my being would take me out.  Honestly, at the time, the pain was so unbearable that if given the option to survive or be overtaken, I would have chosen to be overtaken.  Of course, this common reaction to such situations was before I made the choice to give my life to Jesus Christ and follow Him at all costs.  As I sit and listen to one of my favorite instrumental worship medley’s, I mentally rake over all that I have encountered in my life before I could honestly say that I know Jesus Christ for myself.  I think about my behavior, my speech,  and my ways of thinking before I knew that I am His and He is mine; before I knew that He is for me.  I pause, and as tears stream down my face, I think about my behavior, my speech, and my ways of thinking after I learned exactly who God is.  I’m amazed at what a HUGE difference it is in me just speaking the words “I know Jesus Christ”, and me walking out the truth of them.  See, just speaking them is nothing compared to walking and living out the truth of them.  Just speaking the words doesn’t promote a change of heart and mind.  Walking and living it out most certainly does.  Just speaking the words, doesn’t strengthen you and give you the courage to go on when everything and everyone tells you that you can’t.  Walking and living it out, making it a lifestyle, gives you the strength and courage to continue on when it appears to the natural eye that all the odds are against you.

It’s made clear that we can continue on and we find the strength to do so because Jesus Himself did it.  How?  How did Jesus find the strength to go on even though He walked the roughest, most brutal roads ever?  The common misconception is that maybe Jesus didn’t struggle because He is in fact,God, the son.  What can be easily forgotten is that even though He was God, He became a man in the flesh.  Why? To destroy the works of the devil, and to become an example to all believers on how to live and walk this life out.  Jesus becoming a man shows us that He too knows the limitations of being human.   It shows us that He can sympathize with everything that we go through because He first experienced Himself.  It proves to us that if Jesus can do it, that so can we because He first did.

This life is not easy, but I believe that if we stop for a moment to think about this truth, it offers comfort and provides courage for us to go on.

There is no victory without there first being a war.  So, go through. Don’t stop.  Don’t get stuck.  Persevere. Not just because you can, but because you are fully able to with Jesus, because of Jesus.




Tricia LaCore