The first post of 2017!!  It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything. For a period of time,  I allowed myself to focus on, and magnify current situations that I was in.  During that time, I spent many nights and mornings crying out to the Lord.  Some nights, I had pity parties.  “Lord, why me”?  Some mornings, it was easier for me to lift my head up, believe God’s promises, and show gratitude for the process he was taking me through.  For some reason, I still felt as if my focus was off.  As if I was looking at my life through a kaleidoscope.  No matter which angle I used, the pieces that I saw, never seemed to make a whole picture.  I did’t see how the pieces before me would even have the ability to create something I’d enjoy looking at.   The kaleidoscope produced so many beautiful colors and images that ran into each other that somehow created a beautiful, bigger picture. No matter how you turned it, even though the colors and images changed, it created a uniquely different picture sometimes more appealing than the last. I remember having a kaleidoscope as a child.  It was the simplest of toys.  Sometimes it’s the simple things that give us the greatest satisfaction.  I’d hold it up to look through it, and when I didn’t like what I saw, all I had to do was slightly turn it until the image and/or colors turned into something that I liked.

During my prayer time, I’m led back to a  childhood memory.  As I closed my eyes, I see a younger me looking into a kaleidoscope.  I placed it down to continue riding my bike with my friends without paying any attention to where it fell.  I was disappointed when I came back to it and saw that it had been slightly ran over.   It was a new toy, but the outside of it clearly no longer looked that way. I picked it up to try to reshape it, and was surprised  when I held it up to see that I was still able to see something.  The images changed because the outside of the tube was slightly bent, but there was still satisfaction and appreciation for what I was able to see.

I understand why God led me back to this memory.  No matter how ran over I felt or how  damaged my life seemed to me, there is still beauty to be found, seen, and appreciated with each turn, or angle, that I choose to see my life in. Every angle produced a different pattern, a different reflection of myself that he wanted me to appreciate and see the beauty in.  Our lives and how we see them, are very much similar to the kaleidoscope.  A constantly changing sequence of elements that we should always attempt to find beauty in regardless of the angle we are using.  It seems easier to simply change our angle if the current image is less attractive than the last one.  But, how quickly we lose appreciation for the things that don’t at first appear pleasing to us, by trying to change it into something that does. With each turn we make, the image that is before us, is the one that we really need to see for what it is.   And so it is with each season of our lives’.  There is beauty in each one, we just have to learn to appreciate them in the angle they are presented to us before rushing off to the next.



Heavenly Father,

I pray that everyone who reads this learns to appreciate the season and the process that you currently have them in.  Lord, help them to look for you in every situation.  We know that you are the creator of everything and when we earnestly seek your face, that we will find it, thus seeing the beauty of where you have us.  I pray that it is your strength that they rely on, and not their own.  Exchange their sadness, and lack of understanding for your irreplaceable joy, and Godly wisdom.  Lord, help them to grasp what it is that you want them to learn instead of looking ahead to the next season. Help them understand that where they are currently is preparing them for the next place you will take them.   Father, we know that you love us.  Things that you reveal to us may not always be pretty, and the process in which we are being pruned doesn’t feel good, but it is vital to our growth and necessary to make us more like you.   Give them a willing heart to continue to chase after you.  Through it all, I pray that their eyes remain on you.  In the mighty name of Jesus,




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