Attacks Will Come

Before I knew the authority God has given me to speak against the things the enemy used to distract me from carrying what God has called me to do, it never dawned on me that each time I sat down to read my bible, each time I was getting ready for church, each time I prepared myself to share a testimony, that something would happen that prevented me from doing so.  Whether it was the kids suddenly at each other’s throats, or a sudden voice bringing doubt or fear, or me feeling sleepy the moment I sat down to clear my mind to be able to hear my Father’s voice. IT WAS ALWAYS SOMETHING. The thing is, back then, I had no clue what was going on. I didn’t recognize the spiritual attacks, and because of that, the enemy won.  EACH…AND…EVERY…TIME.

Presently, I’m beyond grateful that I’m  able to say the total opposite.

So, my message to you today is this:

You better believe that anytime you have a message for God’s people that the enemy will try to stop you and distract you using any and everything that he can. You also better believe that the God that has called you to do his work has equipped you to do so, meaning that any trial, any test, and any weakness that the devil may come at you with, you are fully able to overcome it and continue to do the work that God has called you to do. Push through. Remember that you have a purpose. Things that you have gone through and overcome, the pain and tears, and triumphs.  There’s a reason the enemy wants to stop you. He knows you’re greatness, but he also knows that when he reminds you of your weaknesses and your past,  that it does something to you. Remember where your strength comes from.  Draw from that and move forward. Don’t focus on the pain or pressure, but focus on the promise and the purpose. Don’t focus on the lies of the enemy that produce doubt and fear. Focus on the lives that your testimony will set free.  What you went through wasn’t just for you. God used you, gave you his strength and courage to endure because even when you didn’t trust yourself, he trusted you to be bold and use your story for his glory. He picked you up, washed you off, healed and delivered you and replaced the love you had for yourself with a burning love and desire for him. Be encouraged.  It was, and always will be bigger than you. KEEP GOING. NOW is not the time to stop. NOW is the time to MOVE. SO MOVE.

God is love,