It’s not about the person, but the PURPOSE

Sometimes we don’t believe in ourselves as much as God does.  We become discouraged when the actions of others don’t measure up to how we feel about our accomplishments or progress that we’ve made.  When we aren’t recognized in the manner we think that we deserve, in the manner that we would recognize others or when we aren’t recognized at all, we start to question ourselves and our abilities to continue on the path that we are on. Whether this is a path that we, ourselves have started on, or a path that God has created for us, a path is still a path.  The difference?  The path that God has created for us, is where he wants us to be.  He has created that path with us in mind.  Because this is true, whether we believe that we have what it takes to walk this path, and to endure all the obstacles that we could possibly face, or not, God has already gone before us and cleared the way.  All, we have to do is agree with him, and start walking. 

I don’t doubt for a second that writing is what God has led me to do.  Did I love writing before I knew that God would use me?  ABSOLUTELY!  This blog was physically created by me, but the content of it is all God.  Earlier, I was having a conversation via text with my niece regarding how I felt about people’s reactions to my blog posts.  Pause. Did anything from my previous statement stand out to you?  “I felt”.  I was in my feelings about how people chose to respond and/or if they chose to respond at all.  I truly had to stop myself and ask for forgiveness when God said “Why are you in your feelings about anything?  I’m using you, but it’s not about you.  It’s about me.”  

Let me go back a little to make sure that you get the full understanding of what I’m saying here.  In the past, I’ve felt (there it is again, my feelings.  They really do get you in trouble sometimes) as if I had gone unseen, unheard unappreciated, and looked over.  Because of this,  I questioned if I was good enough and even if what I did was good enough. I delayed creating this blog (delayed obedience…that’ll be in another post) because of my feelings.  I found myself questioning my abilities, and knowledge.  And all the reasons why I shouldn’t keep going came to mind.  What experience, or education do I have to do this?  And just like that, I talked myself out of doing something that I was called to do.  

 Getting back to the conversation that I had earlier, God totally stepped in and put me in check,  “Don’t you dare believe the lies of the enemy!!  He wants you to feel like you have nothing to say.  BUT YOU DO!  I HAVE GIVEN YOU EVERYTHING YOU NEED!!  He wants you to think you don’t have a voice so you will keep quiet. SPEAK!! FOR YOU HAVE BEEN QUIET TOO LONG!!  He wants you to stop doing my work because he knows that it is to glorify me.  SPEAK!!  YOU HAVE PURPOSE!! Even when you think you have nothing to say, open your mouth and my words will come out.  I preserved your life, so that I can use you to help save the lives of others.  DO NOT FEAR, I AM WITH YOU”.  

He took me to Jeremiah 1:4-10  Jeremiah was appointed by God as his prophet to the nations.  Even though he was appointed by God, he still doubted his ability to carry out the job he was given.  Because of his age, he thought nobody would listen.  Are you doubting your ability to carry out a job God has given you? Are you delaying your obedience out of fear and lack of faith? So many of us feel inadequate and struggle with what God calls us to do because our feelings get in the way, the enemy uses our weaknesses in a attempt to keep us quiet and to keep us from moving forward.  I want you to know that you aren’t alone.   My hope and prayer is that this reaches those who need to be reminded and encouraged to accept what God has given you and trust that whatever he has called you to do, not only will he equip you for it, but he will be with you every step of the way as well!!  Remember, it’s not about the person, it’s about the purpose!!  🙂

God is love,


*** A special thank you to my beautiful niece who not only reminded and encouraged me, but gave me the title for this post by doing so.  I love you.

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