Being A Bridge For The Road Less Traveled

Sitting here, reading the book of Matthew, God gave me  something.  Our responsibility as those who are in Christ is to share the gospel.  For many, including myself, we like to pick and choose who we share testimonies with, who we invite to church, who we pray for/with and God said, that is not at all how it should be.  WE hold onto the very present fear of the unknown of the dangerous “what if”.  “What if I invite them to church and they decline the invitation”, “what if I share my testimony, and they don’t believe”, “what if I obey God, and they laugh or doubt me”.  Again, for many of us, this is a common mind battle.  I imagine Matthew’s job as a tax collector as a challenging one because of the reputation that tax collectors had during that time and the hatred that the Jews had for tax collectors.  Despite the negative opinions that came along with this profession, it was still indeed a profitable one.  When Jesus called Matthew to be a disciple, he followed Jesus despite what he would be losing.  But, in his “losing” Matthew realized he was actually gaining so much more.  So my question is, how willing are we to leave behind the things that we find valuable to trust completely and follow Jesus Christ

 When we are able to fully trust God, we are also able to speak boldly and freely about his love, his forgiveness, what he has done and tell all we encounter how he longs to do the same for them.  God is calling us to be a bridge for his people.  Many are afraid of what their life with God will be like because it calls for them to relinquish complete control and to trust God fully.  The problem with that is people like to be in control and the thought of not having control can be scary, so instead of trusting, they continue to live their lives the way that they want without any regard for God at all.  So many people are lonely, scared, lost, hurting, and living in sin.  We see them daily and say nothing.  Again, God is calling us to be a bridge for the lost to the road less traveled.    Perhaps, if we remember when we first crossed that bridge, we would be more inclined to speak up instead of overthinking what God wants us to do.  Each day we are faced with multiple opportunities to help someone turn their lives around. 

Seize the day, take advantage of the opportunities, share the Gospel.

New Beginning –>Love–>Forgiveness–>Joy–> Peace–>Christ–>THIS WAY –>

God is Love,



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